Computer-Aided Molecular Design Lab

at the Medical University of Graz

Located at the Medical University of Graz, the main goal of our laboratory is the use and integration of post-modern computational methods – from molecular dynamics to quantum mechanics – for protein engineering. We also have always a lot of fun modeling and understanding molecular interactions under biological environments.

Latest news

WILLKOMMEN ALEXANDER! We are very happy to welcome our new system administrator

WE ARE HIRING @CAMDgraz: see all our open positions for MSc and PhD students here.

INVITED TALK @CAMDgraz March 5th, 11am Dr. Patricia Gómez (Miguel Alcalde's research group, CSIC, Madrid, Spain): "Directed evolution: tips and tricks"

INVITED TALK @CAMDgraz Feb. 19th, 11am Dr. Isabel Oroz-Guinea (The Elk Biocatalysis Group, UniGraz): "Screening of protein engineering libraries using a high-throughput robotic platform: enrichment of long chain fatty acids from Crambe and Camelina seed oils"

Glad to be part of the platform Integrative Structural Biology and Biophysics of BioTechMed Graz 🙂